Araabmuzik – Electronic Dream

Duke Productions / ianuarie 2011


Beats on trance hits, supriza lui 2011. Minimal intervention is the new minimalism.

preview doar 4 piese, tot albumul chiar conteaza

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James Ferraro – Far Side Virtual

Hippos In Tanks / octombrie 2011

Best album of 2011 by The Wire

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Milyoo – Archeology

Opit Records / decembrie 2011

slowburning weirdo house / Quietus review by jonny mugwump

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Byetone – Symeta

raster noton / nov 2011 / buy

Triumphant return to Raster Noton for Byetone, with his first EP/album since his brilliant, name-making Death Of A Typographer. Seven tracks to get your teeth into here, available on both CD and 12″ vinyl, and the most impressive expression yet of this artist’s sleek, dark-hearted techno-not-techno sound – imagine DJ Stingray dosed up on smack, German porn and obscure architecture journals.

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Krispen Hartung – Project MRI

[(CT) Collective] Krispen Hartung  – Project MRI – 2007 – download

I had a most exhilarating experience: my first MRI (on my lower back). This was amazing. I laid down on a sliding table, and they pushed me into a sarcophagus like tube with mere inches around my entire body. They put large, cold plastic headphones on my head, and then for the next 30 minutes I was eased into a seemingly euphoric and meditative state. What I heard were a series of fascinating sounds…from jackhammer-like hammering, to buzzing or vibrating cycles and bizarre sci-fi industrial like sounds, and so on. It was delightful. The MRI technician said it was a rarity for someone to actually enjoy that procedure. At one point in time, I was in a half waking/dream state and was wakened by my leg twitching. I could have stayed in there most of the day. And the amazing thing is that when I asked about the source of the sounds, the technician said they were not mechanically generated; rather, around my body, encased in metal, was a giant electrical coil surrounded by helium, chilled down to a cool minus 270 degrees. The sounds were a result of changes they were making in the electrical current and the resulting vibrations to the machine.

Anyway, I started thinking, I would love to have that 30 minutes captured on a digital recorder so that I could use it for looping or as an ambient backdrop to my more experimental looping


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Joakim – Nothing Gold

Tigersushi / sept 2011 / buy

“I used to hate people between 30 and 40 when I was younger. I thought they gave up on most of their beliefs and lived a dull and false life. Love cowards pretending to still be cool. Contemptuous grown-ups afraid of the young sharks. But now I’m one of THEM. So I have to cope with that.”

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Radiohead – TKOL RMX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Ticker Tape / oct 2011 / buy

Following the release of The King of Limbs, Radiohead has been releasing a series seven of vinyl singles, TKOL RMX. TKOL RMX 1234567 gathers them all together, with contributions from Four Tet, Caribou, SBTRKT, Jamie XX, Modeselektor, and a host of pretty-obscure types.
Give Up The Ghost – Thriller Houseghost RMX
Little by Little – Shed RMX

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