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Ford & Lopatin – Channel Pressure

Software / iunie 2011 / try / buy

Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) & Joel Ford (Tigercity)’s take on 80s pop. Inspiration? “anything that reminds us of our dads at work”.

Ford & Lopatin ‘Emergency Room’

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Kangding Ray

Steve Reich “Come out” + Rhythm & Sound “Outward”
Oneohtrix Point Never “Returnal feat. Antony (Fennesz Remix)” + Mark Fell “Multistability 1-B”
Deadbeat “Loneliness and reverly” + These New Puritans “Drum Courts – Where Corals Lie”
Coh “Andante Facile” + Pole “Alles Klar”
Nam June Paik “My jubilee ist unverhemmet” + Alva Noto “Future”
Ben Frost “Leo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes” + Ricardo Villalobos “Fools garden (black conga)”
Ø “Ionos” + Emeralds “It Doesn’t Arrive”
Richie Hawtin “00:24″ + Deaf Center “Lobby”
Various Production “Infinity (xx cover)” + Senking “Breathing Trouble”
Pomassl “Tandem distiller” + Lissom “Bask”
Fever Ray “If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)” + Ital Tek “Tokyo freeze (Remix)”
Codes in the Clouds “The Distance Between Us (Nils Frahm Remix)” + Vex’d “Slime”


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Alexander Robotnick

Alexander Robotnick @ Street Delivery Afterparty, sambata 11 iunie, club Berlin

Indulgence – A Boozing Day / 4 iulie 2011

“Indulgence” results from the meeting of some alcoholic musicians at AA sessions. Our heroes decide to spend their last boozing day together before giving it up forever. The memorable day is celebrated with an EP that could only be titled “A boozing day”. The five tracks reflect the alcoholic theme of the day; indulging on cocktails, funky guitars, Philadelphia violins and disco bass lines. The band’s motto is: “tomorrow I will give it up”

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post-techno is proto-techno

Ekoplekz special live mix for pontone.pl

Ekoplekz – Live At The Cube 2/4/11


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Pantha Du Prince – XI Versions of Black Noise

Rough Trade / 2011 / buy

Pantha Du Prince’s ‘Black Noise’ was one of the most refined Techno emissions of 2010. ‘XI versions of Black Noise’ collects brand new remixes from Moritz Von Oswald, Hieroglyphic Being, Animal Collective, Carsten Jost, Walls, and The Sight Below plus the previously released versions from Four Tet, Efdemin and Lawrence featured on the ‘Stick To My Side’ single.

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Lucy – Monad Continuum

Stroboscopic Artefacts Monad Series: Xhin / Pfirter / Perc / Markus Suckut

Lucy  - Wordplay For Working Bees LP

“A slow walking into the Stroboscopic Artefacts ‘perceptional’ world” Lucy

Lucy – Monad Continuum


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