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Let’s dance! The fine electronic sound will sweep you off your chairs and take you in the middle of a huge party but without a hangover or other side effects: STAFF CANTEEN (German: “Dachkantine”) relates the bizarre four-week long farewell festival of the mythic electro club in Zurich of the same name. At the same time, this last act represents the turn of the techno subculture, irritated throughout the world and exposed to commercial pressure. We witness the best moments of the long and melancholic farewell, supported by sounds of the highest electronic art, made by DJ giants like Ricardo Villalobos or musicians like Takuya Nakamura, Roli Mosimann et.al. On this farewell journey („like the last bath of the summer holidays”), we enter the catacombs of a different, inspiring world guided by busy club owners, electro-artists and guests, at times frivolous and at times dreary.

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