Documentarul Grolsch Experience Hotel

Desi exista din 1615, de abia in luna mai anul acesta Grolsch a ales 14 oameni creativi*, le-a acoperit ochii si i-a dus in varf de munte, la Runcu, in judetul Dambovita, ca sa locuiasca trei zile intr-o cabana, fara lumina naturala, telefoane mobile, internet, haine sau obiecte persoanale. Le-a dat in schimb de lucru cu imaginatia, i-au pus sa faca improvizatie de teatru, sa scrie, sa picteze si sa cante, fara sa stie o clipa cat e ceasul. Desigur, partea asta cu muzica a fost cea mai intensa, pentru ca oricui ii place sa bata ca nebunul la tobe, indiferent daca se pricepe sau nu.

Toate astea s-au intamplat si inregistrat pentru ca sociologul si doctorul in stiintele comunicarii Dan Petre si psihologul, psihoterapeutul si antropologul Mugur Ciumageanu sa studieze cum creaza omul cand nu mai e presat de deadline. Iar dintre concluzii am aflat ca, daca-ti permiti sa nu te intereseze cat e ceasul, creste si creativitatea de grup si cea individuala, ca percepi mai corect trecerea timpului in grup decat singur, ca desi stam lipiti de monitor zi de zi, nu suntem pierduti, omul analogic se poate reactiva oricand.

*Ilustratorul Ana Botezatu, realizatorul de programe la Radio Guerrilla Bogdan Serban, jurnalistii Cristian Neagoe, Cristian Lupsa, Vlad Tausance si Vlad Ursulean, artistul Doru Trascau, pictorul Dan Ungureanu, cofondatorul Artskul Georgiana Toea, cofondatorul revistei TATAIA Ioana Cotulbea, actrita Ioana Blaj, cantareata de jazz Luiza Zan, editorul LOVE ISSUE Constantin Nimigean si coregrafa Madalina Dan.

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New Order Story

1993 / try / buy

New Order Story is a 1993 documentary on the English waver band New Order, featuring the majority of their music videos, as well as interviews with the band members, their manager Rob Gretton, producers, etc. It also features appearances from the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant, U2’s Bono, Quincy Jones, and Jon Savage. Though it’s not visible in the documentary, the band was filmed at the brink of their separation that would last for seven years.

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Oskar Sala – The Former Future of Sound

In 1948 Sala further developed the Trautonium into the Mixtur-Trautonium. The Mixtur-Trautonium allowed for the first time in music history the execution of sounds which had only been known in theory since the Middle Ages, but were never actually playable. Sala’s invention opened the field of subharmonics, the symmetric counterpart to overtones, so that a thoroughly distinct tuning evolved. He created the non-musical soundtrack for Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds.

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2009 / buy

Let’s dance! The fine electronic sound will sweep you off your chairs and take you in the middle of a huge party but without a hangover or other side effects: STAFF CANTEEN (German: “Dachkantine”) relates the bizarre four-week long farewell festival of the mythic electro club in Zurich of the same name. At the same time, this last act represents the turn of the techno subculture, irritated throughout the world and exposed to commercial pressure. We witness the best moments of the long and melancholic farewell, supported by sounds of the highest electronic art, made by DJ giants like Ricardo Villalobos or musicians like Takuya Nakamura, Roli Mosimann On this farewell journey („like the last bath of the summer holidays”), we enter the catacombs of a different, inspiring world guided by busy club owners, electro-artists and guests, at times frivolous and at times dreary.

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Shadow Play: The Making Of Anton Corbijn

Celebrities have their picture taken on an almost constant basis. Often by fans, sometimes by professionals, but only occasionally by certain photographers who have a knack for showing a side of the celebrity that is never seen on camera, often they can capture the loneliness that comes from lack of anonymity. For rock stars in particular, that photographer is Anton Corbijn. Shadow Play: The Making of Anton Corbijn centres the biography of the famed artist around the making of his first feature film, Control. For nearly thirty years, Corbijn has been photographing such bands as Joy Division, Depeche Mode, U2, Nirvana, and Coldplay, as well as directing music videos. In fact, as one of the first photographers to capture Joy Division, he was seen as the perfect choice for directing the film. This documentary is not your typical biopic, although it does discuss Corbijn’s childhood briefly, and his reasons for moving to the United Kingdom from his native Holland.

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Between The Devil and The Wide Blue Sea

Without commentary or interviews and using a visual style that eschews the MTV aesthetic usually found in music documentaries, Karmakar’s film lets the music and the energy of its performers speak for themselves. Long sequence shots allow us to fully appreciate both the structure of the songs and the relationship between sound, image and performance. It provides an illuminating insight into an underground scene that has slowly become a global phenomenon.

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The Nomi Song

[2004] / buy

Born Klaus Sperber in Essen, Germany, Nomi dressed like an alien, sang like an angel, and electrified new wave-era New York. The classically trained tenor moved to the US in the 1970s. Influenced by Maria Callas, Marlene Dietrich, and 1950s sci-fi films, the “opera-singing pastry chef,” as writer Glenn O’Brien described him, developed a unique look and sound that stood apart from every other act to emerge from the East Village. At the height of his fame, he caught the eye of David Bowie, with whom he performed on Saturday Night Live in 1979. Unfortunately, his AIDS-related death in 1983 curtailed any chance to reach a wider audience.

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