inhere podcast 001 – alecsm

An analog experience delivered from Great Britain for Inhere Bucharest as the first podcast from the friendly recording series which will follow / inhere facebook page

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Vivi.St mix for FGM

Vivi St. is a producer and sound designer based in Bucharest. He started playing with electronic music gear in the early 00′s and worked in the audio business editing sounds for movies and cartoons. Being passionate about producing beats and rhythms, he started to get involved in various projects during the last couple of years. His works involve a great deal of chords, wobble bass and drum machines.
In his own words: “I find mixing necessary because it inspires me and gives me an alternative when I want to make long piece of work that reflects my personality. Why techno? Because techno is pure and organic and in most cases fits in natural surroundings and open spaces. As for the tracks they are quite often inspired by my reflections on urban life.”

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James Blake – Wilhelms Scream (Bogdan edit)

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Grayscale – Colorblind Podcasts

Melodic Techno Podcasts / soundcloud page

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Even Steven – Techno Tulpen

1. Dans La Nuit – Horror Inc.
2. M5A (Edit) – Maurizio
3. Argon – Andu Simion
4. Y.G.H. – Ricardo Villalobos
5. Hotel Sapporo (Petre Inspirescu remix) – Matthias Tanzmann
6. Just Music (Dan Andrei Original Interpretation) – Dan Andrei
7. Fumiya (Tanaka Remix) – Ditch
8. Are You A Doctor – Sten
9. Kafkatrax 3.1 – Wolfgang Voigt
10. Output 1-2 Intermezzo – Tudor Neve
11. Amazordrum (Baby Ford Rmx) – Ricardo Villalobos
12. Farnsworth House – Efdemin
13. Clar E Net – Tudor Neve

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Camil – The Crawling Mix


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Poolsize Picks for 2012 – Artists To Watch

They are not rich or famous and they don’t have 4 gigs a week. Down in the studio is where they deliver the finest flow of emotions. These are, as seen from Bucharest, the most underrated talents of 2011. The guys to watch (out) for next year. Enjoy it, as we had a fussy time assembling this mix!

Poolsize Picks For 2012 – Artists To Watch by Poolsize Records

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