Luke Hess – Light in the Dark


[Echocord] mai 2009 / download

Inginer electrician din Detroit cu dragoste de Dumnezeu, Luke Hess face parte din valul de producatori de nu-dub techno, caracterizat de un sound foarte detaliat. Albumul sau de debut exploreaza field recording, percutie live si instrumente analog si ofera piese intunecate de o claritate emotionanta.

Luke Hess – Son Beams

Luke Hess – The Truth Is


“I’d say the two most important elements in electronic music for me are dance (function) and substance (form). A lot of people who aren’t familiar with stripped down and/or deep electronic music don’t understand it because they think to themselves, “You mean this is all it does?” But they may not be enjoying the sounds on the pallet of their ear or they may not be interested in following the sounds and finding out where they go or how they change. If you’re watching water crashing up on the shore or listening to sounds deep in the forest some people might get bored; I personally watch how patterns in the shoreline change or how insects and the wind in the trees work together to create a panorama of perfect noise. I sort of zone out.

Ableton has been great as a sequencing tool for me. It helps me get my ideas down quickly, before I lose them. However, nothing can take the place of analogue equipment, it’s much more effective and has more character than software for me personally. I treat analogue equipment like God treats me. I find them broken, abused, and hanging out in the dumpster, and I restore them, give them true purpose, and help them achieve what they were meant to achieve.

I would say my final sound is delivered best when it’s more of an emotional process. When an artist is writing for a particular label, trying to write in a particular genre, or thinking too much about theory, etc., that’s when things start to become linear and predictable. When I can experiment with different sounds and musical ideas, use improvisation, and allow music to become a natural process, that’s when I’m most often satisfied with the final product. There are days when you don’t want to write, and there are days when you have to write.” [sursa]

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