Quote. Everyone’s gone to the Moog


David Van Koevering in Williamsville sales office

“Moog is a Dutch name and rhymes with “rogue” and “fugue”. Many people, including musicians continue to this day to mispronounce the name. Bob even used to have a placard on his desk telling people how to pronounce his name. Several people unfamiliar with the existence of the real Bob Moog have told us that they assumed that the name was made up to resemble the sound of the synthesizer itself – MOOOOOOOOG! Cows moo, but synthesizers moog, and as David Van Koevering (the best Moog salesman ever) once said paraphrasing the sixties lyrics by Jonathan King: “Everyone’s gone to the Moog [Moon]“. [Analog Days – Trevor Pinch & Frank Trocco – 2002]

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