Quote. Why do you like the sounds of electronic music?


“Because you need to. Because there’s a relentless progression from need to act, from gesture to thought, to that mechanic cultural condition. Input, output. The sequence is tight. The loops are relentless. Play your hand, find out what the dealer deals. The rest is the remix. Unpack the meanings, unstuff the fragments and the logic remains the same: the part speaks for the whole, the whole is an extension of the part. It’s a holographic thing.

As George Satayana said so long ago, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. That’s one scenario. But what happens when the memories filter through the machines we use to process culture and become softwear – a constantly updated, always turbulent terrain more powerful then the machine through witch it runs? Memory, damnation, and repetition: That was then, this is now. We have machines to repeat history for us. And the softwear that runs the machines is the text that flows through conduits like a flaneur of the unconscious.

These are tales told over and over so many time and in so many ways that the texts undergo rigor mortis while they hum with the speed of a thousand and one nights. Murmur to yourself and hear the voices in your head whisper back. That’s the logic. Press “return”. Process. It’s a tale of constant change unto itself. The circuitry of the machines is the emodiment of unthawed. Watch the flow: That’s the content versus context scenario of DJ Culture. Hardware, wetware, shareware, software: The invisible machinery of the codes that filter the sounds is omnivourous”. [Rhythm Science – Paul D Miller]

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  1. Trol said,

    on November 16th, 2009 at 11:08

    Sa ajungi sa simti, sa asculti, muzica la un astfel de nivel e ceva mare…

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