Deep Listening. Sonic Meditation


Ear Pieace (1998)

1) Are you listening now?

2) Are you listening to what are you now hearing?

3) Are you hearing while you listen?

4) Are you listening while you are hearing?

5) Do you remember the last sound you heard before this question?

6) What will you hear in the near future?

7) Can you hear now and also listen to the memory of an old sound?

8) What causes you to listen?

9) Do you hear yourself in your daily life?

10) Do you have healthy ears?

11) If you could hear any sound you want, what would it be?

12) Are you listening to sounds now or just hearing them?

13) What sound is most meaningful to you?

Rhythms (1996)

What is the meter/tempo of your normal walk?

How often do you blink?

What is the current tempo of your breathing?

What is the current tempo of your heart rate?

What other rhythms do you hear if you listen?

What is your relationship to all of the rhythms that you can perceive at once?

by Pauline Oliveros

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