Donato Dozzy @ Labyrinth, Japan


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“Donato’s set was totally next level shit. it was incredibly deep, warped, mindfuck music.”
“Without doubt the highlight of the set was when donato dropped ‘consumed’ by plastikman. this would probably be in my top 10 alltime records and it evokes very strong emotions in me. i had never heard it out before, and i never expected it to. but when donato put it on, i recognised it from the very first bar. and i then proceeded to go into complete meltdown. while this record was playing the whole festival was crystallised and condensed into 10 minutes of complete perfection and bliss. i can honestly say that this represented not only one of the high points of my techno career, but my life. it was a strong reminder of how incredibly powerful and elemental this music we listen to can be. donato, if are you reading this, thank you. that moment – and indeed the set as a whole – was the perfect statement of what this music is about and should be about.” mnml ssgs


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